Stephen is always cheerful, task oriented, and is an excellent analyst and writer. We contracted Stephen to produce technical documentation for our department and he performed admirably. For lack of information, he analyzed a large number of processes for us and documented them accurately with fewer questions than I would have expected. He asked the right questions and proved his ability to use analysis techniques to answer many questions on his own. Most of all, I appreciate his ability to dive in and squeeze meaning out of just about any type of file or input. He’s truly a wonder, that one. I wish we could have kept him longer.

– John Kelly, Software Developer II at Charter Communications

Steve has an impressive ability to organize complex data into a consumable format. He works diligently with a keen eye to detail to make sure what he puts to paper is correct and well organized. With complex technical concepts, he successfully incorporates input with resulting documentation that is accurate and invaluable to the end user. He brings the experience and discipline to contribute to an organization’s success.

– Dawn Baker, Senior Manager Service Operations, LinkedIn

Working with and getting to know Steve Flick was an incredibly wonderful experience. Steve is very intelligent, hardworking, and a team player. He and I successfully collaborated on many projects. At other times, we were in a training mode, where I was mentoring Steve. He always understood and was able to apply concepts that were presented very quickly and well. Any organization would be most fortunate to be associated with him, regardless of the role or activity.

– Stephen Mundwiller, Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Allied Healthcare Products, Inc.

Steve is a hardworking individual. He always arrives early, helps out wherever needed, and gets his work done. Steve has developed policies and procedures content, process improvement articles, quality audits, participated in lean improvement projects, and performed admirably as our Quality Manager and ISO Management Representative. His knowledge of ISO standards and quality concepts make him well suited for any quality related job.

– Chris Anderson, Managing Director, Bizmanualz, Inc.

Steve has completed three types of assignment on our part as part of a team – consulting, training, and auditing – all in accordance with the QMS discipline and specifically, ISO 9001. We found Steve professional, reliable, a team player and always willing to learn. Hence, we would recommend Steve as a competent professional for QMS and ISO 9001.

– M. Gerard Kelly, CEO, Kelmac Group, Inc.


Steve’s diligence and attention to detail are exemplary. He is highly motivated, makes valuable contributions, and is always open to new ideas and methods. Add to that his wit and a keen sense of history. Any project or team is fortunate to have Steve as a resource. It’s an absolute pleasure working with him.

– Shailesh Panth, Digital Marketing Specialist, Enterprise Holdings

Steve is a truly an expert in his field. Working with him at Bizmanualz was a tremendous learning experience in all he had to offer the company, both with knowledge and experience. I would welcome the chance to work with Steve again.

– Katie (Potts) Lane, Client Service Representative, PracticeMatch

Steve is the “Go-To Guy.” If a situation arises, I have complete confidence in his ability to address whatever the problem may be. The more technical the situation, the better. He never says he’s too busy and he doesn’t shy away from sharing his vast skills in the name of helping others. Steve takes the complicated and delivers it clearly and concisely, as the fabulous communicator that he is.

– Joy Baldassare, Customer Service Coordinator, Webster University

Steve is a great teammate. He is thorough, resourceful, and dependable. Plus, he has a great sense of humor and keeps the office in good spirits!

– Jan Fitzgerald, Director of Business Development, Bizmanualz, Inc.

Stephen’s knowledge level and desire to help your business with any quality issues your company might face is astounding. Stephen will work one-on-one with your staff to eliminate any problems now and in the foreseeable future.

– Brad Spelbring, MA, Toolbelt Trainers

Stephen gives amazing speeches at Toastmasters. He shows much enthusiasm and preparation in presenting his speeches. He is also very friendly and welcoming to new members of the club.

– Brian Ettling, South County Toastmasters and Naturalist-Park Ranger, National Park Service

I have worked with Steve on the St. Louis AMA Board on several committees. It was a pleasure to work with Steve on the Board. He had a commitment to quality and getting the task done on time.

– Ken Bentlage, Generational and Marketing Strategist, Bentke


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