The Perception of Risk

It’s no secret (I hope) that everything we do in life life and business[1] is fraught with risk. From the bathroom to the boardroom, every action – and inaction – comes with some degree of risk. Try to carry too many

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How Speech Evaluations Can Make You a Better Auditor

My Background I have been a member of Toastmasters for nearly 13 years. I started by attending several club meetings as a guest. One of those clubs was South County Toastmasters. A friend, who happened to be a member of

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Why Settle for Compliance?

Compliance – what is it? Compliance means the “act of fulfilling or observing a set of official, documented requirements”. These requirements take the form of laws, regulations, standards, and policies. These laws, regulations, etc., set minimum requirements. They state requirements

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Are Legal Requirements Enough to Ensure Worker Safety?

If you’re going to write a law and you don’t bother to get input from the people who will be held responsible for executing and enforcing it, let alone living with its results, you cannot rightly expect optimal results. For

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Injury, Corrective Action, and Risk Management

I tore the bursa under my left shoulder a couple of days before Christmas. (Oh, and I cracked my left humerus at the shoulder.) Not a good thing to do at any age, but especially bad when you’re in your

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To Create Fear, Abandon Reason

Advertisers of virtually every kind of product or service are trying to create fear where there is no reason for it to exist. In many cases, they are succeeding. Politicians at every level of government; insurance companies; pharmaceutical companies; cybersecurity

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What Is the Context of Your Organization?

Q9C Logo

It was about a year ago that ISO – the International Organization for Standardization – released ISO 9001:2015, “Quality Management System Requirements”. The standard differs in structure and in concept from its predecessor (ISO 9001:2008) in numerous ways. Some differences

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