Q9C Consulting – Your Process Coach and Mentor

Q9C helps small businesses – like yours – achieve greater efficiencies and effectiveness by teaching them to apply the principles of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 to specific processes and to organizational management, in general.

Let’s say you’re experiencing quality-related problems with one of your products. Customers are complaining that you’re delivering later than you promised, and this problem is affecting whether they meet their customers’ requirements. Customers are grumbling that the quality of your product is falling off; a few are returning your goods and one has even begun refusing shipments from you.

Your production process hasn’t kept up with customer demands or with your competitors’ processes. Your product quality seems to be slipping, but you’re not sure if that’s true or, more importantly, why that might be the case. You have experienced greater employee turnover in recent years, but you don’t know why. You know that even if their “replacements” are qualified, it will take them time to become properly oriented to the way you do things – that is, to be effectively integrated into your systems.

You need someone to address these specific issues but you can’t take someone away from their work for any length of time. It’d be like asking one of your employees to take on a second job – to put in a lot more time per week than they would like, even if you paid them time-and-a-half for every hour over 40.

“A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!”
(“Richard III”, Wm. Shakespeare)

It might be better to hire a full-time quality manager, but can you justify the expense? What should you do? Well, start by getting in touch with Q9C Consulting.

We begin by conducting an internal quality audit, to see where you currently are and find out where you want to go and how to get there. What are your goals and objectives? How far away from compliance with ISO 9001 are you, if that’s one of your goals? (You may be a lot closer than you think!) Where do the greatest opportunities for improvement lie, inside and outside your organization?

We produce a plan for developing and implementing a basic quality management system, or QMS, which includes your quality policy and quality objectives. We then develop your QMS and supervise its implementation.

We also ensure your QMS is properly maintained, by periodically monitoring, reviewing, and reporting on your performance and progress. We also conduct an internal audit of your QMS periodically, which we review with you. We help you make changes to your QMS, when and where needed.

What we just described is commonly called a “PDCA Cycle”. We continue to Plan, Do, Check, and Act to improve your QMS, which means we’re helping you improve your business.

Your QMS isn’t a “side project”. It isn’t merely a reflection of your business. It is your business. Your QMS should be continually on the move – always changing – just as you have to adapt to changes in your environment or context.

“Everything changes. Nothing stands still.”
(Heraclitus, 535-475 BCE)

When you need an outside party to help find and leverage risks and opportunities in the environmental or health & safety aspects of your business, as well, I can also assist you on an as-needed basis.

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